Root ball Parota/Guanacaste (R19004GNC)

**This is an unfinished root ball**

If you are looking to add a finish to this root ball, we can finish it for you (at an additional cost); leave a note at checkout, and we will follow up with estimates. Upon being finished, it will be sanded smooth, and we coat it with oil, which will enhance the color and beauty of this piece.

Each root ball we handpicked. We travel to Central and South America every couple of months and have the wood shipped to Los Angeles shortly after. Every rootball is kiln-dried for several months.

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(If this product is sold out, please write us, we more than likely will have sister slabs or can help you find a slab in our shop that will fit your needs as well


Dimensions (inches):

Length: 74

Width: 40

Thickness: 33

Board Feet: 678